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Thank You Funders and Donors

CLRP thanks our major funders for their generosity which allows us to represent our clients. We would also like to recognize the organizations and institutions listed below for their generous support during our 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Major Funders

Connecticut Bar Foundation
Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS)
Greater Hartford Community Foundation (Travelers Championship - Birdies for Charity)
Impact Fund
J. Walton Bissell Foundation

Corporate and In-Kind Donors

Humanitects, Inc.
JM Communications: Jeff Mills
Microsoft Corporation
Minuteman Press: Charlie Lazarus
Robinson+Cole, LLP: Veronica Szewc, Michele Sexton
Scot Haney

Individual Donors

Henry Arnold
Thomas Behrendt
Joanne Bilger
Blackbaud, Inc.
Nancy Boone and Jory Johnson
John Bozzi
Cheri Bragg Acker
Karen Caffrey
Jane Carlozzi
Anthony Cistulli
Sherri Condon
Beth Daggett
Alison Dias
Patricia Dillon
Elizabeth Drummond
Lesley Fearnley
Kathleen Flaherty
Celeste Fong
Eliot Gersten
Diane Hasz
Lawrence Henrickson
Kimberly Jacobsen
Karen Jagielski
Cynthia Jalbert
James Robert Creative
Bonnie Liedtke
April Lionberger
Leora Matison


Luis Mayosonet
Melissa McWeeny
John Mehm
Louise Melanson
Steve Mele
Charleen Miele
Raye Morin
Michele O'Neill
Tracy Parkin
Louise Pyers
Justine Rakich-Kelly
Paul Rice
Lori Riley
Jo-Anne Roberts
Jennifer Rodriguez
Sharon Rosenblatt
Patricia Salerno
Judith Saunders
Helen Scanlon
Mark Soboslai
Richard Tashjian
Cecil Thomas
Bethany Ty
James Valentino
Richard Weingarten
Amy Wernicki
Alexis Zinkerman

Auction Item Donors

Cheri Bragg Acker
Dolce Mama Confections, LLC
Kathleen Flaherty
Sarah Gallagher
Eliot Gersten
Kirk Lowry
Rosemary Marino
Mark Soboslai
Benita Toussaint

Event Sponsors

The Dorman Law Firm
InterCommunity, Inc.
Arthur and Betty Levy
Marriott Hartford Downtown
Yale Law School

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