Voluntary Commitments

If an individual asks to be treated at an inpatient psychiatric facility, the hospital may decide to admit the person if it agrees treatment is needed. This is called Voluntary Admission (C.G.S. ยง17a-506). The hospital may require the patient to sign a written request for hospital treatment. This is called a voluntary paper.

(a) Any hospital for psychiatric disabilities may receive for observation and treatment any person who in writing requests to be received; but no such person shall be confined in any such hospital for psychiatric disabilities for more than three business days, after he or she has given notice in writing of his or her desire to leave, unless an application for commitment has been filed in a court of competent jurisdiction. Such person shall be informed at the time of such admission concerning such patient's ability to leave after three days' notice pursuant to this subsection and shall also be informed that an application may be filed under subsection (e) of this section in which case such patient's ability to leave may be delayed in accordance with the provisions of said subsection.