Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB)

The Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB) is a state agency to which the Superior Court commits persons who are found not guilty of a crime by reason of mental disease or mental defect. These individuals are called "acquittees." The PSRB’s responsibility is to review the status of acquittees through an administrative hearing process and order the level
of supervision and treatment for the acquittee necessary to protect the public. The Board is governed by Connecticut General Statutes, Sections 17a-580 through 17a-603.

The PSRB, at the time of commitment, takes jurisdiction over the acquittee and decides which hospital an acquittee is to be confined and when and under what circumstances an acquittee can be released into the community.

CLRP will not appear as legal counsel in proceedings where legal counsel is provided by statute, but often represents clients in such matters by helping them understand the process and collaborating with appointed counsel on the case.