Supportive Housing

Connecticut has been in the forefront of creating supportive housing for persons with mental illness to provide a stable living environment which supports the individual’s recovery and self-sufficiency. Supportive housing is NOT just housing with some services. It is permanent affordable , usually subsidized, rental housing in which all members of the tenant household have access to flexible and comprehensive range of services. Tenants usually hold their own leases, and services are voluntary. There is no model supportive housing project; it can be a number of apartments or a two or three family home, and includes a mix of tenants, not just persons with disabilities.

A three-year evaluation of supportive housing in Connecticut showed a 71% reduction of inpatient medical care by tenants; an increase in the tenants’ participation in education and employment, and an increase in neighborhood property values.
The Reaching Home Campaign is an initiative to promote the creation of 10,000 new units of supportive housing by 2014. In 2010, there are approximately 4400 units in Connecticut.

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